Elevate the excitement

On our many trips to the playground, we observed kids shouting “Higher! Higher!” And well, we’ve delivered.

Kids can now climb up, up, up our five new modern and curvy climbers to reach the top of the playstructure. More than delivering thrilling challenge to 5- to 12-year-olds, the 8-foot climbers encourage kids to invent new ways to go across, through, under and over.

Even better, we have an equally thrilling way for kids to get back down to the ground! Three elevated slides continue the breathtaking excitement.

See all of the new climbers and slides here, and get started on a playground design that encourages kids to reach new heights.

Exciting, new products for your 2017 playground designs

Good things start on the playground, and that’s because we have exciting new playground products for 2017.



The abstract, geometric GeoPlex™ climbing panels for ages 5 to 12 come together in so many different ways to create endless patterns of visual and physical texture.


Smart Play®: Nook 6-23

Sized just right for little crawlers and early walkers, the whimsical Smart Play®: Nook 6-23 offers plenty of colorful activities to capture the attention of young ones.


Smart Play: Loft 2-5

Toddlers graduate from the Nook to Smart Play: Loft 2-5 and enter a world of imaginary play. Even more, the play structure encourages conversation between children and caregivers.


WhooshWinder™ Slide

Give kids a fast, twisty ride down the WhooshWinder™ Slide from 6- or 8-foot decks.


Double Swoosh Slide®

The Double Swoosh Slide® is our steepest double racer slide is now available in 8 feet height.

Learn more about these innovative new commercial playground equipment products on playlsi.com. And watch our video to see how we’re all #shapedbyplay at Landscape Structures.

Keeping your playground design fresh: Evos slide options

We introduced the Evos® playsystem in 2007, and since then kids around the world are finding new ways to play on the innovative playground. While lots of kids describe Evos as a “spider web” or “spaceship” playground, parents and adult supervisors know that it’s a workout disguised as fun. And not only does Evos exercise kids’ bodies, but also their brains.With more than 25 playground components, Evos offers endless configurations for your playground. Even more, we’re constantly introducing new products to keep it fresh for kids. In late 2012, we introduced three new slide options that can help add new life to your playground design.

Rush™ Slide for the Evos® playsystem

Rush™ Slide

The three new slides—Rush™ Slide, Surf Slide and Surf Stainless Steel Slide—join the Hang Glider™ in offering a truly unique and thrilling ride to the ground.

  • The Rush™ Slide has an integrated slide hood and transition platform specially designed to help channel kids into a safe sitting position.
  • The Surf Slide includes protective barriers and a unique slip resistant, marine-grade deck surface to keep kids safe.
  • The Surf Stainless Steel Slide has the same safety features as the Surf Slide with the polyethylene slide bedway, but the stainless steel bedway does not emit a static charge, so is a good choice for kids with cochlear implants.
Surf Slide for Evos® playsystems.

Surf Slide

Learn more about Evos, and how you can create an Evos design for your playground that will keep kids active and engaged during recess or on visits to the local park.