Expanding playgrounds with the JigJag Climber

We’re excited to introduce our newest climber—the JigJag Climber! If the name doesn’t grab your attention, the design certainly will! Available as a PlayBooster® of freestanding play component, kids will jig and jag their way up the JigJag Climber and then slide down a fire pole at the end.

Freestanding JigJag Climber

Available in a single or double configuration, the JigJag Climber is a high-value addition for new or existing playgrounds. It accommodates multiple kids at once, and will deliver a unique aesthetic by visually and physically expanding the footprint of any PlayBooster playstructure.

Learn more about the JigJag Climber and find sample designs here.

Bringing new, rolling shapes to the playground

We are excited to showcase one of our newest playground designs—the Hillscape Adventure! The treaded boardwalk-like climber mimics a hillside landscape and fits naturally into surrounding environments. This design can be ordered as is, customized to fit your site or budget needs, or use it as a starting point and create a design that’s completely unique.

The Hillscape Adventures offers a rolling design and climbing challenge for kids ages 5 to 12.

The Hillscape Adventure offers a never-before-seen shape in playground design. Its wavy form and wood-grain textured boards are eye-catching to park visitors, and delivers a truly innovative play experience for kids ages 5 to 12. In addition to providing a unique climbing challenge, kids’ tactile, visual, proprioceptive and vestibular senses are engaged as they play. Even more, the Hillscape Adventure encourages imaginative, unscripted play. This flowing climber is available as a component within a playground structure or can be installed as a freestanding playground climber to accommodate a variety of space and budget requirements.

Learn more about the Hillscape Adventure and all of our design capabilities, then contact your local playground consultant to get started on your next playground design.