The benefits of commercial shade sails

Positive Tomorrows, Oklahoma

We all know the physical and emotional benefits to getting outdoors. Adding shade structures to outdoor spaces can increase visitors to your community parks, playgrounds, sports and recreation complexes, and more. With the added protection of shade, play sessions can be extended making the benefits of play and outdoor activity even greater. We can help you add commercial shade sails to your outdoor areas with SkyWays® shade structures, which offers flexible and stylish options to make everywhere that people gather outside more comfortable.

To appreciate the benefits of shade, it’s important to understand the risks and long-term effects of UV radiation and sun exposure. Evidence from the Skin Cancer Foundation shows that sun exposure and sunburns during childhood multiply the risk of developing skin cancer. And according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), unprotected skin can be damaged by the sun’s UV rays in as little as 15 minutes—even when days are cool and cloudy. SkyWays commercial shade sails provide critical protection, blocking up to 97 percent of the sun’s UV rays while making temperatures underneath up to 30-degrees cooler.

When adequate shade is added to playgrounds and surrounding areas, kids are protected from UV exposure, and parents and caregivers are more likely to extend play sessions. Families may be more likely to extend their picnic or family outing if they’re keeping cool and protected under a shade. Additionally, schools are utilizing shade sails and structures to extend their classroom space to the great outdoors. By adding SkyWays shade sails to existing courtyards or a new outdoor classroom space, schools can embrace the benefits of nature for outdoor learning and not worry about sun exposure or inclement weather.

Outdoor classroom concepts

Even more, commercial shade sails can help protect your investment. Integrating SkyWays shade into your playground design or adding it after your outdoor space has been completed will shield it from the intense rays of the sun and protect it from harsh winter weather. Shade structures help to prevent premature fading and deterioration by keeping the color of equipment vibrant and preventing cracking that happens over time from sun exposure.

Learn more about SkyWays commercial shade structures, and contact your local Landscape Structures consultant to get started on a shade project for your park, playground, outdoor classroom, sports and recreation complex, or wherever you need shade today.

Expand your campus learning environment

We all know the numerous benefits of being outdoors—it helps lower blood pressure, improves the immune system, reduces anxiety and improves mood. And with all we’ve experienced in 2020 so far, we could use an extra dose of nature. Why not embrace the benefits of nature while also maximizing your campus’ available space? Take learning outdoors!

Not only are outdoor classrooms a good option to explore during the global pandemic, but it’s a great way to expand school learning spaces for use well into the future. We can help you design an outdoor classroom whether you’re looking to transform your existing atrium or courtyard or create an entirely new space. Go here to see samples of our outdoor classroom concepts using our conceptual design for a Permalene® desk and other playground elements.

When designing your outdoor learning environment, be sure to include opportunities for your students to engage in fun, hands-on activities. Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments, stage and performance areas, HealthBeat® or FitCore™ Extreme fitness equipment all deliver the chance for students to take what they’re learning inside the classroom to the great outdoors.

And don’t forget about safety. Our SkyWays® shade structures are available in a variety of heights, lengths, and coverage areas to fit any space or budget requirements. These commercial shade sails will help create a comfortable and safe learning environment. Plus, we have the Play Healthy™ Hand Sanitizer Station to provide students easy access to hand sanitizer upon entering or exiting the outdoor classroom.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in creating an extension to your campus’ learning environment that encourages learning while keeping kids healthy. Learn more by contacting your local Landscape Structures playground consultant.

Bringing play to schools around the nation

We’re honored to partner with the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) on their Community Service Day. For the past four years, we’ve worked side-by-side with principals from around the nation to build and beautify school playgrounds in conjunction with the organization’s annual conference.

John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School, Baltimore, Md.

John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School, Baltimore, Md.

In July, we worked with NAESP members to install an inclusive playground at John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore, Md. Principal Mary C. Donnelly said that she thinks the new playground will dramatically increase the use of outdoor grounds for both school instruction as well as recreation. As we completed the playground project with NAESP this year, we thought it would be fun to look back at the other schools we’ve helped over the years.

Hawthorne Elementary School, Seattle, Wash.

Hawthorne Elementary School, Seattle, Wash.

Principals congregated at Seattle’s Hawthorne Elementary School in March 2012 to build an inclusive playground. In just a few hours, the inclusive PlayBooster® playstructure was installed, allowing the principals to network with each other and interact with Hawthorne Elementary students.

Booker T. Washington Elementary School, Tampa, Fla.

Booker T. Washington Elementary School, Tampa, Fla.

In April 2011, we created a nature-inspired outdoor learning environment for Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Tampa, Fla. Now more than two years later, Principal Toynita Martinez says the outdoor classroom concept is being embraced. “All of our teachers are taking advantage of the outdoor classroom,” said Martinez. “A lot of math and science classes take place outside. Plus, reading groups disperse in the space to finish a reading assignment and then come together to discuss.”

MacGregor Music and Science Academy, Houston, Texas

MacGregor Music and Science Academy, Houston, Texas

Our first time participating in the NAESP Community Service Day was in 2010. We designed a sensory-rich play space complete with the Sensory Play Center® and Cozy Dome® for students at MacGregor Music and Science Academy in Houston, Texas. “We’re really proud and still excited about the gift that NAESP and Landscape Structures provided,” said Principal Patricia Allen of the playground.

Learn more about our partnership with NAESP, and our joint commitment to enhancing the lives of children and the communities in which they live.