Case Study: Blending the Old and New at French Regional Park

MN - FrenchRegionalPark - 60

Case Study: Blending the Old and New at French Regional Park

Client: Three Rivers Park District

Goal: Revitalize the 30 year old playground area at French Regional Park by creating a signature look to the design while retaining some distinctive features of the original structure.

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Solution: Incorporate community feedback into the park’s plans to ensure the residences’ confidence in the project. A third grade Kid Task Force was created to give input on the final design so everyone could feel included. Between the feedback, color schemes and and some components were incorporated into designs that focused on fun and accessibility. Sensory play at the lower levels, sand and water features, interactive panels, and wheelchair access throughout made for a park that invites all community members to have fun.

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Click to read the full story about French Regional Park

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